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What is Grow Trend Box?

Grow Trend Box is a subscription box service featuring fertilizer and gardening products.  We are in the gardening industry, providing customers the opportunity to try new and exciting products that may not otherwise be available to them, delivered to their front door at an affordable price point.


A Gardening Subscription Box You and Your Plants Will Love

You want your plants to grow big and beautiful. Fertilizer, soil amendments, and effective pest control will help you get there, but how do you know which ones will be the best for your plants? The internet provides countless options, while local garden centers have a limited supply of the most popular brands. It isn’t easy to find what you need and narrow it down!

Grow Trend Box is here to help you. We’re a subscription box service that will send you fertilizer and other gardening supplies samples directly to your door each month. You can try out several kinds of plant fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants and receive tools and accessories to enhance your gardening experience.

Still not sure if a garden supplies subscription box is right for you?

Take a minute to get to know us and what we do!

What is Grow Trend Box?

Grow Trend Box is a monthly gardening subscription box service that will deliver high-quality products to your door. We launched in 2021 and are owned and operated by people passionate about gardening and plants. Rest assured, we’ll only provide you with the best products available because we care about your plants as much as you do!

We strive to provide gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts of all skill levels with products you may not see at your local retailer, so you’ll see new brands you haven’t heard of before. We offer a larger variety than most garden centers carry and continually add more brands to our collection.


5 to 6 gardening products

Fertilizers, pest control, soil amendments, and so much more

New products every time

New innovative gardening products to better enhance all your plants.

Explore the possibilities

To enhance and nourish your plants using the products you will receive each month from Grow Trend Box.

Healthier and bigger

Have better control over pesky bugs and remedy weak or ill plants
All plans come with FREE US shipping

Subscribe today

All boxes shipped mid-month.

either indoor or outdoor

Grow your own garden

Whether you are in a small or large space, indoor or outdoor, it is possible to create the most luscious, healthy and fruitful plants.
Growing your own garden is a rewarding experience and we would love to be a part of creating that perfect garden you have always wanted.

Grow Trend Box is just a click away from gardening joy!

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Get 10% off your next box

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