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Benefits of a Gardening Subscription Box

Gardening is all about finding the right balance with your plants, so how will a gardening mystery box help you? We’ve got a handful of reasons why we think a subscription service is ideal for gardeners.

Discover Something New Big box stores and locally owned garden centers like to provide the most popular brands because it makes the most money. It’s inefficient to carry a recently launched brand that may or may not bring in the cash. This smart business move might disadvantage consumers—you don’t know what you’re missing!

Flip the coin, and you’ve got a different problem: too many options on the internet. The World Wide Web is fantastic because you can find almost anything you want but narrowing down what you need is difficult! Perhaps a brand looks appealing, but a one-star review makes you wonder if it’s a good investment and another brand on a different site is similar but cheaper.

Grow Trend Box is the mediator you need. We handpick products from companies we trust and send them to you so you can see what great options are out there. You’ll discover unique products long before the garden centers put them on their shelves.